FAQ crt related issues

Working on a CRT is dangerous, It uses high voltage capacitors to
power the tube. If you are not sure what you are doing find a tv tech.

The pi2jamma / pi2scart is designd for 4:3 crt screens. It is possible to use 16:9 but you wil get black bars on the left and right side of the screen. Retrogaming is designd for 4:3 aspect ratio.

Image is tilted (left is higher then right):
2 options: go to the menu of the tv and search for the tilted option.
Or, the yoke of the screen is not correct.

Image is not that clear/colors are not correct

Check the settings of the color/crt and the image. pi2scart/ pi2jamma is designed to provide a picture clear image.

Image is bouncing up and down very fast (left to right)

H sync or V sync of the crt need to be adjusted. for this you need to
a crt tech.

My image is out of bounds of my creen.

Firstyou can play around with the HDMI_timings setting,
second you can enable overscan and push the screen around.



you don’t have to start with 16, you can play around with the settings. You are also able to only push from one side. if you # comment a line then the linux will not use it.



in this case it wil only use overscan from the left.

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