Dual Strike

The Dual Strike PCB is a completely solderless controller board for your arcade stick. Every connection to buttons or directions screw in directly to the side of the board, so installation requires nothing more than a screwdriver. The Dual Strike works on PC, Playstation 3 and the original XBox as a game controller as well as a MAME compliant keyboard encoder. It also has a pass-through dual mod function supporting USB interfaces (or similar) like XBox360 or Dreamcast.

This makes the Dual Strike the perfect solution for customers who want to build or dual mod an arcade stick.

Hardware Availability

Complete boards are available from ArcadeForge.


See the Dual Strike Manual for help. If you need more help consult the Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Strike Devices Support Mailing List (in English or German).


The current firmware version is 3.3.1, download the software here:

The source code is available in the Dual Strike repository on GitHub.