Coltons Vertical Retropie

Thanks to the generosity of Ross Luckhurst and another gent in our arcade group I was able to get a Pi2Jamma unit as well as an arcade testing rig.

This has let me port over both of my images to Pi2Jamma format!

Here is the new link containing all six of my current images:…/u8u872…/AABMkE2AeN0tSbQr1qv8Jf0Ja…

**I am not offering troubleshooting on these images**

If you are thinking about buying a Pi2Jamme check them out here:…/…/products/pi2jamma-board

These images come with no expressed warranty, and I am not liable for any issues or damages to equipment that result from their usage. While I have tested them, your configuration may be different than mine. A good understanding of Linux, Retropie, EmulationStation, and arcade hardware is recommended before attempting to use one of these images.

A few questions that come up a fair bit:
1 – Can you make X for me? I am not making custom images at this time.

2 – What are you working on next? Laser Disc image

3 – Do you want money for this? No.

And a question that came up which I want to address:
4 – Can I buy the image and sell it with my machines? No, absolutely no commercial usage of these images please.

Want to see it in action?