Retropie for Pi2jamma

Installing retropie for Pi2jamma

Please download image directly from the download page.

Please go to the Retropie Wiki Page for Retropie documentation. The Retropie Image was modified for best pixel perfect image resolution in the on_runcommand script and gpio driver was added. Check /etc/pikey165.conf for settings.



All In One version that includes vertipie and emulationstation. Vertipie is a vertical attract mode for dedicated vertical only setup. Emulationstation is a normal position monitor with rotation (tate) capability, this works best with 2 monitors, either a daisy chained pvm/bvm/etc or a normal consumer crt using a scart switch. With one monitor, you can just lie flat and play sideways or rotate 😛

Latest Version : AIO v1.5
Release Date : 06/04/2018
Size : 3.83 GB

Download Link:

Whats New
—– 1.5 —–
– Default width to 1600 for arcade and fba
– Script optimization to skip config code if last parameter exists
—– 1.4 —–
– Volume now maxed out
– uncommented out P2B5 KEY_I in /etc/pikeyd165.conf
—– 1.3 —–
– Default button layout
B:A:X—-Button 1:Button 2:Button 3
Y:L:R—-Button 4:Button 5:Button 6
– To support street fighter, a rom specific config is needed to remap keys to
Low Punch – Medium Punch – High Punch
Low Kick – Medium Kick – High Kick
—– 1.2 —–
– Fixed Neo Geo support for pi2jamma
– “AttractMode Setup” in vertipie will now tate
– Removed “Retropie Setup” in vertipie and cleaned up list
—– 1.1 —–
-all in one version that includes vertipie (attract mode) and emulationstation
-ability to switch between vertipie and emulationstation
-pi2jamma and pi2scart compatible
-rotate screen left or right for arcade vertical games
-built from the ground up starting from a base Retropie 4.4
-pre-configured for Master System, Genesis, 32x, sega cd, arcade, fba, atari 2600, nes, snes, famicom disk system, N64, supergrafx, pc engine, pc engine cdrom, tubografx, turbografx cd, neogeo, and ps1.
–pre-configured systems mentioned works with pi2jamma
-rotate screen either left or right for vertical arcade games.
-pi2jamma 6 button layout has been setup
-pi2jamma (start + button 1) to exit game


Known Issues

1. How to setup?
-write image to sd card
-edit config.txt
# pi2jamma
# 1 Enabled
# 0 Disabled

# Tate is for vertical arcade games.
# Rotates the image 90 degrees left or right
# left
# right – default

-stick to pi and boot up
-configure wifi country and connection

2. Where does it boot at first load?

3. How to switch to vertipie from emulationstation?
Retropie > Switch to attract mode

4. How to switch to emulationstation from vertipie?
AttractMode Setup > Launch EmulationStation To Configure Controllers

5. How big of an SD card do I need?
-8 GB but larger is better

6. If I boot to vertipie or emulationstation, will is stay on reboot and shutdown?

7. Why are games not working?
-rom version is wrong
-bios missing or wrong
-emulator does not play this game period

8. Can you give me more roms?

9. Will consoles/handheld not on the list work?
Yes but you need to configure it.

10. Why does everything not fit my screen edge to edge?
Limitation of the current workaround given various resolutions.

11. When will you fix the know issues?
When I figure it out 🙂

12. Will my 6 button arcade work correctly with Street Fighter?
I hope so, I tried my best to configure it even though I don’t have a cab.

13. Should I use this or regamebox?
You decide, my hope is to help novice users for have a plug and play experience.

14. Why Retropie?
Its the most widely used and feature rich emulation software for the rasperry pi and has the most developer support.

15. How are the buttons layed out for consoles?
Default button layout

Look at the button maps here.