Regamebox for pi2scart

Download the latest version.

Click on the download link and the following files show up.

  • export.img
    • This is the image file for the SD Card
    • This is the file for the USB Stick with all snaps and advmenu videos
    • This is the file for the USB Stick without snaps

We recommend to use this procedure

  1. Download the image file. Use MegaSync Program. Buy here if you don’t want to download.
  2. Download file Use the one with the snaps later. First make sure with a simple setup that everything is fine.
  3. Please write image file to SD Card. Use 8 Gbyte SD Card. Use Windows Tool Win32diskimagerCheck this Youtube Video
  4. Unzip the file Use 7zip (
  5. Copy unzipped folder “rpi2jamma” to USB Stick. Use 32 Gbyte USB Stick

You are now finished with the basic software preparation.

If this first test was successful, start copying your roms or head to the rpi2jamma with snaps.

File contains the files with snaps for USB Stick. 32Gbyte USB Stick is recommended. Decompress file and copy folder “rpi2jamma” to your USB stick.

Support on Facebook Group Pi2Jamma

The regamebox distribution was developed by the community to adress the need for low resolution ie. 240p for crt. Pi2scart is the hardware unit for raspberry pi offering a scart rgb interface for your retro gaming experience.

The game selection menu and all emulators are configured in a way to offer the best low resolution values. All resolutions can be configured at a central point for all emulators if needed. Second various helpful features are implemented to adjust the screen on your crt, export and import configuration files, make backups and a lot of other cool features needed for pixel perfect game setup.

The game menu comes with dozen of themes perfect for 240p or other lowres resolution. Of course custom splash screen and own game menu music are supported.

Apropo game music. Adjust the volume for menu and games on the fly. No need to grab the remote for TV or amplifier.

Your rom will be automatically recognized by our game lister and the correct name, screen orientation vertical or horizontal plus snap images will be offered. No scraping is needed.

If you want to play vertical games on vertical CRTs, just use the option toggle horizontal and vertical. There’s no editing of text configuration files neded. One click on the toggle feature and you are back to the horizontal mode. Of vertical games can be played in horizontal mode also.

The game selection menu offers state of the features like last played game history and favourites. Browse through the game lists page or letter wise.

Game controller can be keyboard encoder like KeyStrike or simple USB Snes game pads.

Furthermore find some nice features like automatic start of games or lock mode for games. Options, favorites, history, themes, menu music can be disabled by one just click.

Summarized ReGamebox has the following features.

  • Backup solution
  • Configuration
    • Key Setting,
    • Video Settings,
    • Resolutions
    • Emulators Configurations
  • Export and import of configuration files
  • Logging
  • Support of USB sticks and HDs
  • Access via SFTP, SSH, Samba and Shell
  • Custom pixel perfect resolutions for all console emulators
  • Support of horizontal and vertical screen with automatic generation of game lists.
  • Video snaps in advmenu
  • Snaps for all other emulators
  • Dynamic Resolution Switcher Algorithms for Arcade Games
  • Patch Management System
  • Reboot and Shutdown Procedurs
  • Support of thousands of games
  • Game Menu is developed for display at 15Khz and low resolutions.
  • Dozen of themes
  • backgound music