pinHP changelog

# pinHP Arcade image

– Minor bugfix / hardware mode selection

– Bugfix: Screensaver types were not saved reliably
– Bugfix: Online update system
+ Updated screensaver selection menu
+ Check & set hardware mode (Jamma/SCART) from the menu
+ “Snappier” menu navigation

+ New “Online Tools” menu
+ Online update patches

+ Select from 7 different screensavers
+ Change general game volume from system settings menu (Alsa mixer interface)

+ Option to activate screensaver with P2-Start button
+ Select P2-Start button behaviour from system settings menu
– Bugfix: Mame idle exit time is now synchronized with screensaver time

+ Added “Silver” menu style

– Bugfix: A new line was added to config.ini on every system start
– Bugfix: If MAME brighness/gamma settings were changed manually inside advmame.rc, the entry was listed twice in the system settings menu.
– Bugfix: Preview video volume was not remembered after exit into shell

+ Increased DATA partition size to 12 GB, 16 GB SD card required
+ Added config.ini option to quickly switch screen orientation via “Add to Fav.” (Player2-Start) button
+ Added more default directory path entries, like “image” (for CHD files) or “memcard” to advmame.rc configuration file
– Bugfix: Pi2SCART mode was not initialized properly, causing possible system slowdown by constantly sending (unvisible) keystrokes in the background

+ Raspberry Pi 4 support
+ Adapted design to display game marquees
+ Marquee files are included in the package
+ Automatic backup of highscores and MAME settings to USB stick
– Minor bug fixes

+ Added Pi2SCART support
+ Improved favourites selection, no more jumping out of menu
+ Menu selector stays where it was when changing settings
+ Menu navigation speed up
+ Added “Are you sure?” dialogs for certain operations
+ Installed RAM disk for /tmp folder, extending SD card life
+ SSH login enabled. Username pinhp / password root

+ Added and adjusted lots of resolution settings
99 percent of the games should automatically run with close to perfect resolution and refresh rate settings now
+ Added USB mouse/trackball/spinner support
+ Added MAME free play option, works for games which support it via DIP switches
+ Added uptime display in system menu
+ Added system menu item: Exit into Linux shell
+ Added a 2 seconds delay for preview videos (editable in config.ini)
+ Reboot/Shutdown/Backup/Restore menu options can all be hidden individually
+ *Hide Seettings Menu* does not require a reboot anymore
– Bugfix: Quickedit mode settings were not always remembered
– Bugfix: Preview videos settings were not always remembered

+ Added a monitor test card for hardware screen calibration
– Bugfix: Arcade start with USB keyboard connected is enabled again

+ Runs with just the SD card, USB stick is optional
+ Includes 100 popular horizontal and vertical games

+ Added preview video support

+ Dedicated system settings menu with lots of new items to select
+ Additional menu theme making better use of limited available screen space

+ Auto activate screensaver
+ Qick Edit Mode: Select games for favourites lists, changes are applied when leaving edit mode
+ Hide status messages (e. g. game rom name) when starting games
– Bugfix: In vertical mode, when scrolling game list per page, one line was skipped

+ Advance Mame 3.9 update
+ Lots of new game resolution settings – most vertical games should use almost perfect settings now
+ Fixed annoyances: Press any key to exit screen saver or dialog boxes
– Minor bug fixes

+ Improved menu navigation speed
– Bugfix: An “sRGB profile error” message was flashing in the terminal window under certain circumstances

+ Enable/Disable MAME cheat option
+ Enable/Disable artwork backdrop and overlay options
+ Added screen mode “upside down”
– Minor bug fixes


+ Edit favourites lists from the menu


+ „Hidden feature“: Access system configuration menu by clicking into empty lines three times


+ First public release version