Regamebox v2.7 is coming

new features

  • Optimized all themes
  • turning and positioning of videos works now for all kind screen orientation like 0, 90, 180, 270 degree
  • added fav button to all themes
  • New feature download snap in Configuration – Options – System. Snaps are downloaded from mega server and copied to the regamebox snap folder.
  • New feature online patch update in Configuration – Options – System
  • New feature set vide volume in Configuration – Options – Music and Sound
  • New Feature edit vertical game list in Configuration – Options – System
  • Online wiki interface in background for download snaps and update patch
  • Intro video now has correct orientation for screen orientation of 0, 90, 180 and 270
  • highres themes stays after reboot.
  • Scaling of themes for highres setups. Lowres themes will now work on highres setups with sharp fonts, correct positioning and automatic scaled background picture
  • Bugfix on wifi disable. All netctl connectors are now deleted.
  • Bugfix on video position when using left hand vertical resolution
  • Bugfix edit keys now points to /root/config/pikeyd165.conf
  • Bugfix for player 1 b1 and b2 in advmame emulator
  • added feature video volume in lemonlauncher

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