Regamebox v2.7 is coming

new features

  • Optimized all themes
  • turning and positioning of videos works now for all kind screen orientation like 0, 90, 180, 270 degree
  • added fav button to all themes
  • New feature download snap in Configuration – Options – System. Snaps are downloaded from mega server and copied to the regamebox snap folder.
  • New feature online patch update in Configuration – Options – System
  • New feature set vide volume in Configuration – Options – Music and Sound
  • New Feature edit vertical game list in Configuration – Options – System
  • Online wiki interface in background for download snaps and update patch
  • Intro video now has correct orientation for screen orientation of 0, 90, 180 and 270
  • highres themes stays after reboot.
  • Scaling of themes for highres setups. Lowres themes will now work on highres setups with sharp fonts, correct positioning and automatic scaled background picture
  • Bugfix on wifi disable. All netctl connectors are now deleted.
  • Bugfix on video position when using left hand vertical resolution
  • Bugfix edit keys now points to /root/config/pikeyd165.conf
  • Bugfix for player 1 b1 and b2 in advmame emulator
  • added feature video volume in lemonlauncher

FAQ crt related issues

Working on a CRT is dangerous, It uses high voltage capacitors to
power the tube. If you are not sure what you are doing find a tv tech.

The pi2jamma / pi2scart is designd for 4:3 crt screens. It is possible to use 16:9 but you wil get black bars on the left and right side of the screen. Retrogaming is designd for 4:3 aspect ratio.

Image is tilted (left is higher then right):
2 options: go to the menu of the tv and search for the tilted option.
Or, the yoke of the screen is not correct.

Image is not that clear/colors are not correct

Check the settings of the color/crt and the image. pi2scart/ pi2jamma is designed to provide a picture clear image.

Image is bouncing up and down very fast (left to right)

H sync or V sync of the crt need to be adjusted. for this you need to
a crt tech.

My image is out of bounds of my creen.

Firstyou can play around with the HDMI_timings setting,
second you can enable overscan and push the screen around.



you don’t have to start with 16, you can play around with the settings. You are also able to only push from one side. if you # comment a line then the linux will not use it.



in this case it wil only use overscan from the left.

Game Controller in Regamebox

The Regamebox Distribution grows and grows, so time to explain the game controller features in detail.

Pi2jamma Controls

Regamebox is made for pi2jamma hardware and other ArcadeForge Strike Device. So the first Game Controller Interface is the Pi2jamma Interface. It is made with Shift Registers and the pikeyd165 driver must be active. Find the configuration file for pikeyd165 driver in folder /etc/pikeyd165.conf

This is the key mapping
For all emulators a common key layout is used

Player 1 Start + Player 1 Button 1 = ESC (Quit Game)
Player 1 Start + Player 1 Up = Coin
Player 1 Up = Arrow Up
Player 1 Down = Arrow Down
Player 1 Left = Arrow Left
Player 1 Right = Arrow Right
Player 1 Button 1 = LEFT CTRL
Player 1 Button 2 = LEFT ALT
Player 1 Button 3 = SPACE
Player 1 Button 4 = LEFT SHIFT
Player 1 Button 5 = Z
Player 1 Button 6 = X
Player 1 Start = 1
Player 1 Coin = 5
Player 2 Up = R
Player 2 Down = F
Player 2 Left = D
Player 2 Right = G
Player 2 Button 1 = A
Player 2 Button 2 = S
Player 2 Button 3 = Q
Player 2 Button 4 = W
Player 2 Button 5 = I
Player 2 Button 6 = K
Player 2 Start = 2

If you want to go in the retroarch menu interface, then connect a keyboard F1 and use Arrow Keys, Backspace and Return for navigating.

Use in Lemonlauncher

– Up / Down to navigate list
– Button 1 to activate item
– Button 2 get back
– Left / Right jump page wise in list
– Button 3 + Up / Down jump alphabetical wise in list

USB Gamecontroller

Ok, now you have a Pi2scart and want to use USB Gamecontroller. First you have to turn the pikeyd165 driver off. In version regamebox v2.3 is doing this for you. It has a automatic detection, to turn of pikeyd165 driver if no pi2jamma is connected. Take a look at parameter pi2scart=”A” in config file /boot/regamebox.conf or on USB Stick folder. On other distribution, check how pikeyd165 can be turned off.

USB Keyboard as Gamecontroller

Just leave it as it is. If no usb gamepad is connected it works as keyboard with above key setting.

USB Gamepad as Gamecontroller

Goto Options – Gamecontroller – Configure Gamecontroller
For configuration a keyboard is needed.

For retroarch the automatic gamecontrollers are installed. So your gamecontroller should be recognized automatically by retroarch or its not supported.

Here is a example for the most used snes usb gamepad
SNES USB Gamepad in Lemonlauncher FrontEnd

– Up / Down to navigate list
– Button B to activate item
– Button A get back
– Left / Right jump page wise in list
– Shoulder Buttons jump alphabetical wise in list

Following gamepad mapping is configured for retroarch

HotKey = Select

Press the hotkey Select with one of the following buttons, to execute the underlying function

Select + Y = Retroarch Menu
Select + Start = Exit Game

In retroarch menu
Up, Down, Right, Left = Navigate Menu
A = Activate item
B = Back

Retroarch auto settings are used for the gamecontrollers. This simply means if you change automatic basic controller settings, then you will face issues. Use the remap function to change specfic game controller mapping. Find the remap feature in retroarch menu – quick menu – Controls. Change your settings, save game or core override and exit and start game again to take effect.

Make sure that save on exit activated and Remaps Bind Enable is on.

Some basic words about configuring retroarch:

Preparation : Check if save on exit is enabled.

Step 0 : Start Game, press select + Y -> retroarch menu opens
Step 1 : Press A to exit from Quick Menu, Goto Setting, Press B, Goto Configuration, Press B
Step 2 : Set Save Configuration on Exit to “on”


Use Start Button on item to get help. Exit with A

Do Not Press Y. It executes a search, where it difficult to exit from. Use Start Button to exit


Regamebox v2.3 released

Release Regamebox v2.3!oQBlQKya!ir5rLnRFp0u…TqtMT3aeyEb6S3dH4bnK7g4dI

New Features
– crt profiles selectable : custom, consumer, Sony pvm, arcade crt profiles can be selected in options – screen
-automatic detection of pi2jamma or pi2scart to set control driver. pi2scart =”A” in regamebox.conf
– select usb controller in options – Gamecontroller
– custom resolution center tool in 3 steps. Look in options – screen
– automatic initialization of empty usb stick on startup
– generation of usb stick folders. Goto option – system
– copy of roms from usb stick to sd card. Goto option, system
– high performance psx emulator added
– file system reworked with new partition for roms.

Regamebox V2.1 released

Regamebox v2.1 release!JUgBXSiJ!SWAy_t-gEHr6eUxD5ieBmE3KTzmrk0sJlcGjgFOMZSA

File contains the regamebox.img file, tools and usb stick files with some thousands snaps

Some bug fixes, 2300 remap files for fbalpha, usb gamepad support for frontend, extra button layout for 3, 4 or 6 button cabs and enhancements of the backend like file system extension, gcc, libs, python pygame support and more.

plus works for highres (hdmi output) and lowres (via gpio) , flip screen, horizontal and vertical screen support on the fly without reboot, wifi-menu, samba, ssh, sftp, gamelists like favorites, history etc, dozens of nice themes for lowres and highres, advmenu with game videos possible, emulator configs via front end accessible, latest retroarch release, backup feature, export config feature, configurable background music, volume config via software, fast and silent boot, and many many more

I’ve put some helper tools like notepad++, winscp, putty, Linux Reader, paragon and win32diskimager to the release. You might find it useful.

Cheers Jochen