Congratulations for your pi2scart and pi2jamma

First of all download the image you want to use:    (Regamebox, pinHP, Retropie, Recalbox, …)

Download => http://pi2jamma.info/download

Note: Retropie was build for 1080P lcd screens, It works quite nice with the pi2scart/pi2jamma with some 240p themes but Regamebox is the distro designed for 240p emulation. Regamebox get continously new awesome features.

Why use the Images on the site? http://pi2jamma.info/

These have the good config files already done for you. If you want to try make your own configuration you are going to face issues people resolved already..

TIP: even if you are a beginner or and advanced user, we recommend to start with the pre build images and continue developing on them. Instead of starting with a new image and redo all our work.

We encounter many questions about customers who try to do it the other way around and 95% of the time you will encounter a problem already fixed in our builds.