Regamebox release 3.1.4

Online updater is recommended way to update. 

If you want to start with a new sd card I have put the current state on mega


Full image with games 10gb!8QxCUKDS!T8oZB8iaY9ESMVqJm54xmI5nLeuwN5EUDlz5TIyLnBw


Image without games but with prepared empty media partition, 6gb!9YgUTaYT!JKuVLii_U7qk30Iol2oDBhV1RDDpFqJ1-HFJ4purf-Y


Image without Media partition. 1gb!kJhkVILJ!2sYXUe0txq7o68X6C-HQ5uwQqIVFLTXPoYd1ZS7zz1U


As always, backup your running sd card first. Use win32diskimager, insert sd card, click read.


Have fun

  • compatible to Rpi 3b+
  • works for highres and lowres on the fly
  • vertical, horitzontal screen orientation, high performance flip screen function, custom resolution, themes…
  • supports dozens of emulators


Get it from

Retropie Vencio 

For pi2scart: DOWNLOAD retropie 4.4.12 for pi2scart version 1.0 from 29th may 2019

For features refer to Retropie page.

pinHP Arcade image

Current version / latest online patch version: 01SEP20

Full image:
DOWNLOAD pinHP Arcade carefree package 01SEP20
(file size 1.78 GB)

Update instructions to keep your game settings (*only* when flashing a new image, not required for online or patch update):
1. Make a backup from the Options menu.
2. Shut down.
3. On the USB stick, copy everything from inside the „backup“ folder into the „restore“ folder (or simply rename the „backup“ folder – it will be automatically recreated).
4. Flash the new SD card.
5. Select „Restore“ from the Options menu and all your settings and hiscores are back!

Download latest patch file (in case online update is not possible). Patch update instructions: Put „patch_current.tgz“ file as is inside „rpi2jamma“ folder on USB stick and reboot.

Get support at the Facebook group

Game video previews are available here:

MAME 0.106 ROMs

Pi2Jamma Thingy
pi2jamma: DOWNLOAD Pi2Jamma Thingy, compatible 3b+

      • Front End Attract Mode
      • Emulators Various

Mr. Do Arcade Image
pi2jamma: DOWNLOAD Mr. Do Arcade Image 01.05.2018, compatible 3b+
ZIP PASSWORD “arcade-zone”

      • Front End Lemonlauncher
      • Emulators ADVMame, piFBA, Mame4all, Lr-FBAlpha


pi2jamma: Recalbox Image
pi2scart: Recalbox Image